Overcoming Difficult Trials


I fell into a pity-party when I realized I had to go through surgery and recovery without my dear “Sister-Friends.” 

I am a shy person by nature and slow in making friends.  I am blessed with five Sister-friends (Friends who are as close to me as my biological sister, if not closer) and the loneliness I felt having to go through such a major trial without their support was crushing.

But then, once again God provided.  The wonderful woman who led me to the Lord and witnessed my Born Again experience lived in Phoenix, the city I was recovering and living in.  She took me to her church and filled the gap I so desperately needed to fill.

It takes time to build solid, quality, and balanced friendships.  I was not looking forward to starting new friendships as I knew it was going to take work and I was all about my comfort zone.

Pruning can be painful but it does bear MORE fruit.  My friendships were being pruned and time alone would show me if they would stand the test of time and distance.  I believe my path crossed with these five ladies for a reason and that they are not only lifetime friends but also eternal friends.

This trial has reminded me how important it is for us to have fellowship with others.  Even long distance, these ladies held up my arms when I was facing battle and was too tired and weary to go on.  They carried my burden when my backpack was too heavy. 

Why not thank a friend today for their love and support?  Maybe send them a card?


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