Overcoming Difficult Trials


I am taking a bold step by posting this photo.  Why do it?  I want you to see what I looked like 5 days after surgery and then what I look like one year afterwards.  God provided a MIRACULOUS HEALING as I recovered very quickly physically.  Emotionally, well that took longer. It is coming along.

God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN AND HEALER.  I give Him all the credit.  I could not have survived this past year without my faith and I am not ashamed to admit it or proclaim it.



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8 thoughts on “OK, SO I HAD BRAIN SURGERY….

  1. Oh Cheryl,
    You have come so far! I am amazed at how you have recovered physically. Your boldness in sharing this before picture shows of the beautiful handiwork of God. May you continue to cling to Him and give Him the praise … For many, many years to come.

  2. Courage up close. We couldn’t do it alone.

    • Thank you Carole and Genevieve. Your encouragement helps me to stand “naked” in my suffering so that I can uplift others. To look back is one thing…. to live in the past is another. I want everyone going through trials, physical or emotional, to heal and become all they are meant to be. God will fulfill His purpose for my life as well as anyone else who wants to do the will of God.

  3. Thank you for sharing.

    • It takes courage to go through a major trial set before us.
      It takes courage to recover from the major trial we endured.
      It takes courage to rebuild our lives, now ashes when once castles.
      It takes courage to look into the future.
      It takes courage to hold out a hand to others shocked by the ashes of their own lives.
      It is a joy to see healing in others.

      • And I come to your blog, to read and feel your courage. You are strong and I sensed that the first moment I read one of your posts. I love that you don’t hide your courage. You instead share it with others, in the hopes that they will learn and become as strong as you are. The greatest joy in life, is helping others. I’m glad I get to be apart of this healing journey with you.

      • My Dear, Oh, how your words encouraged me!! I am so happy you are finding strength in my posts. God bless you!

      • Lady Lovely on said:

        🙂 I’m glad you are encouraged!! I will continue to keep coming back for more!! God bless you too!!

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