Overcoming Difficult Trials


Why are you striving these days?
Why are you trying to earn grace?
Why are you crying?
Let Me lift up your face, just don’t turn away.

I will be by your side, wherever you fall
In the dead of night, whenever you call
Please don’t fight , these hands that are holding you
My Hands are Holding YOU

He wants to give you LIFE!
He loves you and He wants you to know that He will never let you go.

Dear Reader,
After my brother died in an unexpected mountain climbing accident, I fell into a deep depression. I have always had a thirst for the Word of God, but could not read or do anything except offer up a pitiful prayer…. “Lord, Help!”

I heard His quiet still voice tell me, “It is ok….. just don’t go away.”
He understands what we are facing, knows our frame ( it is but dust), and does not judge our ability to weather a storm. All that He cares about is that we remain and not walk away. He will answer you in the dead of night and He is holding you. Tomorrow will look better. Take one day at a time. He loves you.

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