Overcoming Difficult Trials


Who wants to or even….who enjoys facing consequences? Consequences for poor judgment, sin, or carelessness. Consequences for selfish actions? The human spirit does not like taking responsibility and does not like to admit fault.

Maybe your actions caused the death of a loved one or stranger for that matter. Maybe you are so bound up in shame and guilt that your life has come to a stand still and all you want to do is FLY AWAY.

Dear Reader,
Think of our Lord Jesus. He was a man without sin and yet He took responsibility for the sins of all nations. He knew His Father had a job for Him to do. Although He did ask that( if possible) the cup pass from His lips, ultimately He stood up to the task His Father had assigned Him. He took responsibility for us, and thus gave us salvation.
Only AFTER He had finished His work did He FLY AWAY to His Home.

If you know my story (See About Me or My Brain Tumor Story), you know that I wanted to take the easy way out and ‘FLY AWAY’ and die.
The thought of putting my life back together after brain surgery was in my eyes to hard. I was mad that I hadn’t died. Hmmmm, let’s see, Heavenly Home vs. Life on Earth with all it’s struggles. To me it was a no brainer.

The point is that I had responsibilities that needed my attention. My son still needed his mother and God still needed me, His servant, living and breathing on earth doing the things He commanded. My perspective had to change. I had to remember that Life is a Gift. It is not to be snuffed out intentionally.

If there is something you have to face take courage. Do it and make things right. God knows when it is your time to Fly Away to Jesus. In the mean time, try to view life as a precious gift. There is joy to be found.

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