Overcoming Difficult Trials



Stress, depression, anxiety, fear, ambivalence, and any other emotional state of mind you might be feeling this very moment, do me a favor….. toss it. Just for 3 minutes. Please!

This is my Bosco. He has reindeer aspirations and although he can’t fly, I don’t have the heart to ruin his hopes. He runs around the house with his red nose and antlers thrilled to be a “reindeer in training.”

Likewise, God does not want to kill our dreams. He smiles when we pursue things that require trust, hard work, training, effort, perseverance, faith, learning, and HOPE. God is not a hope squashier. The devil loves to rob us of hope and put doubts in our minds. If we are not able to do something, we either equip ourselves to accomplish the task or we face the reality and move on.

Dear Reader,
Three minutes have probably passed. I hope your mind was off your troubles and thinking of all the possibilities in front of you. I HOPE your HOPE has been plucked up a bit and that you considering that something you were afraid to try.

Life is full of risks. It is a risk to bear your soul to a stranger and strive for love or a new friendship. Rejection hurts but you can bear it, honest, you can.

Starting a new job or a career is a risk. You may be risking financial security but it could be the best decision of your life, financial and emotionally.

I have found that the greatest risks I have taken in life have turned out to be the BIGGEST LIFE BLESSINGS. For example, when I decided to adopt a twelve-year-old child of the state or when I decided to move to a state (Oregon) where I didn’t know a soul and had no job lined up. These are just two of my choices to take a risk and hope for the best.

I hope you try to step out of your comfort zone. I hope you don’t let fear, and depression, and anxiety rob you of all the things Christ wants you to have…… and believer me; He is a generous giver of things!

Bosco will figure things out. For now, he’s happy and I am happy because he is happy. God is happy when we dream and hope and look to Him for help, even if He won’t grant flying requests. Some requests are just not a part of His plan!

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.



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  1. We should try to step out of our comfort zone. Uncomfy but worth it. Cute photie.

  2. I can’t resist a dog in a costume! If we all modeled ourselves after our dogs, we’d always be living and loving in the moment and trusting unconditionally. Bosco is the perfect model for this post.

  3. Thanks Genevieve….. Bosco puts up with me. Yes, the unconditional love, trust, and living in the moment…. never holding on to grudges or unforgiveness is such a good reminder for us. Dogs are wonderful teachers!

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