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Grandma Z’s “HORN” COOKIES


We all know that comfort foods can help to ease our pain.  Friendly memories are also a comfort.  I wanted to share a bit of my grandma with you today.

This is a comfort recipe.  My Grandma Z would make these Czechoslovakian Xmas cookies every year.  I have many fond memories of eating her “horns” and visiting with my cousins in her little but oh so cozy house every Christmas day.  I bake only one batch of Xmas cookies each year (now that I am a diabetic) and it is always these yummy treats.

They are very easy to make.  I made 2 dozen horns in memory of grandma but the other 2 dozen were balls since they don’t break as easily.  Be sure to wait 2 minutes to let them cool and then roll them in powdered sugar while still warm to the touch.

A single batch makes 4 dozen cookies and I baked my cookies for ten minutes.  Enjoy!!



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One thought on “Grandma Z’s “HORN” COOKIES

  1. They look great! …I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like!.

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