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Elf Name

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Dear Readers,

On this Christmas Day I want to give you all the gift of laughter.  This is a really fun chart.  Personally, I HATE my  Elf Name as who wants TOE in their holiday name?? Feet should not have anything to do with Christmas!

My son’s Elf Name, “Elvis McJingles” is far better than “Bubbles Toe-Bells”  but I give you permission to make up your own Elf Name.  I did.  You can call me Spicy Ginger Cheeks.

Your gift to ME would be sharing your Elf names.  I could use a few  LOL moments.  Blessings to you all.  Cheryl

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5 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR ELF NAME??

  1. I would be Bubbles….:)

  2. Happy Christmas wishes from Merry Angel Pants! 🙂

  3. Sugarplum McJingles!!!

  4. Oh, what great Elf names!

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