Overcoming Difficult Trials




“Standing on the promises I cannot fall,                                                                                   Listening every moment to the Spirit’s call                                                                               Resting in my Savior as my all in all,                                                                                        Standing on the promises of God.”

Romans 8:37-39                                                                                                       No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. 

Oh my, what a patient and loving God we serve!  He puts up with our whining, thank goodness.  Just as a good father encourages his child to try his best when facing new challenges, our heavenly Father does the same.  He simply wants us to trust Him in all matters and TRY!  Nothing is impossible with Him on our side and we can do all things through Him that He gives us strength…… and wisdom.

Are you too tired to do what God requests?  Pray and He will give you the energy you require and a good night of sleep as a bonus.  It is amazing what a sound sleep can do for the body and the mind.

Is “I am unable” a frequent phrase in your vocabulary?  Well, maybe you are unable but God IS ABLE.  When we are weak He is our strength.  He will get all the deserved glory when we accomplish things we are unequipped to do on our own.

What is your work ethic like these days?  If there is a big job set in front of you, do you have a negative attitude and say, “It’s not worth it!”  Dear Reader, Everything is worth the effort when it is a request from your God.  What may seem like a small thing to you is probably a big thing in the scheme of things.  If there is a Divine purpose at hand and you have a part in accomplishing the purpose, do it.  Do it out of obedience and a love for Christ.  Your seemingly small act may be the required work to set a big thing into action. 

For example, maybe God has asked you to help a blind man find his way to the correct airplane terminal.  You don’t know him and you are a bit reserved and worried about missing your own flight.  You ignore the prompting of the Lord and he misses his plane.  This man was about to visit his sick son. The blind man was going to lead his son to the Lord but because he missed the plane, he was unable to say the sinner’s prayer with his dying son.

If you are weary from a trial, illness, or struggle and want to give up, remember that God’s grace is sufficient.  You can ‘go on’ with His strength.

Forgiveness is never easy, especially when it comes to forgiving ourselves. Guilt is not of the Lord, conviction is what the Holy Spirit awakens within us in order to prompt our confession.  There is no condemnation through our Lord, Christ Jesus.  Remember that God not only forgives but He tosses the memory of your sins as far as the east is from the west.  Stop trying to remind Him of your confessed sins, as He has no memory of them!

When you find yourself overwhelmed with life and can’t seem to manage it or figure it out, pray for wisdom and He will give it to you in abundance.  He is your Counselor and Advisor.  He promises to direct your steps and supply all of your needs.

So now we have discussed just a few of the things we say and how God would have us say them.  Please pray about how your views and perceptions could be altered to reflect a more loving and merciful God.

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