Overcoming Difficult Trials


Heart-Luv Came Down

“Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He’s trying to change your heart.”  – Unknown

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.             EZEKIEL 36:26 NIV 


The Lord went before God and asked Him if He could escape His fate on the cross, but only if it was His Father’s will.  God did not have to change His Son’s heart because Jesus already wanted to do His Father’s bidding and trusted Him with His future. 

We, on the other hand, often look at our circumstances and ask God to change them to OUR liking, not even considering to ask for God’s will in the situation.  We just want out of the unpleasantness and strife. 

Considering what God wants for us and searching to see if there is a lesson to be learned by our circumstances is not common among men.  It is the mature Christian who falls to his knees when tragedy hits and asks the Lord to change his heart to accept what has been laid at his feet.  The common response is to cry out, “Help!” and then, “Rescue or Deliver Me!” 

But what if by leaving you in the fire He is showing you mercy AND answering your prayers for deliverance??  Sometimes God will not change your situation because He is trying to change your heart.

Unfortunately, the human spirit is strong-willed and stubborn.  It takes the trials we experience to break us of our independence. In suffering we find ourselves repentant and dependent on Christ, which is what He longs for in His children.

If you are walking through a difficult time be introspective and see if you need to change your heart in some way.  Maybe it is your attitude regarding the length of your struggle.  Could it be a hardness of heart that you need to repent of and give over to God?  Do you hold on to anger and are you shaking your fist at God? Are you always asking “Why” whenever you feel like you are a victim of some new assault? 

Stop and remind yourself of these four things:

God loves me with such a deep love it is beyond my ability to comprehend.  Second, He honors us with the opportunity to suffer for His name’s sake.  Finally, the trials we suffer down here are not worth comparing to the rewards and riches we will have in heaven.  Finally, He walks with us through every hardship.

Be not afraid of the trial set before you Dear Reader.  He has orchestrated it before your birth and knows your frame.  He Himself was a bruised reed but not broken.  You may get bruised or singed by your storm, but never broken or completely consumed.  Like gold that is heated so that the dross can rise to the surface, the heat of your affliction is purifying you. 

Put on an attitude of thanksgiving and rejoice in your suffering.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus and remember all that He suffered for your sake.  Remember the saints of old and the disciples, prophets, and apostles.  Let them encourage you and help you weather the challenges you face.  In walking through your storm with confidence and peace, you will please your Father and win souls for Christ.  May He change your heart into one of compliance and mold it into the beautiful vessel He has envisioned since the beginning of time.

Father God,                                                                                                                    I lift up this reader and I ask that You strengthen his/her frame to endure the cross You have given him/her to carry.  Don’t let this believer fall short of finishing the race You have set before him/her.  But rather, give him/her the angels to cheer him/her on to victory. Send fellow believers to him/her who will help, support, pray, guide, and love him/her along the road to Calvary.  Amen 

Pressing on in painful circumstances is the discipline of keeping our faith when everything not only goes wrong but becomes worse. It means holding onto the Lord during deep trials and asking Him to hold onto us when we feel weak in faith and hope.”        –Sheila Cragg


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  2. Dear Sabrina,
    You are welcome and God bless you

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