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Blog Transfer Did Not Go Well


Dear Reader,

I am noticing a BIG drop in daily views and have heard that some readers had a hard time finding my new blog domain.  Some even thought I had stopped posting after I moved to a new domain.  I am committed to posting once a day, unless something big would happen to come up.

This is very frustrating because, though money is tight, I decided to pay WordPress for a “Guided Transfer” and also paid for a automatic REDIRECT to my new site.

WordPress has been informed about the problem and is investigating.  They said it would be a help if I could get comments from my readers, this my request.

IF…. you had trouble finding my new domain weepingintodancing.com (the old site was weepingintodancing.wordpress.com) please contact me by leaving a comment with this post.  What I want to know is:

1) After the new site was set up …..did you have trouble finding it?

2) When you went to the old WordPress site did it automatically redirect you to my new domain?

3) Is there anything else you can share that might shed light on the problem?

4) If this is just a natural drop in views (250 per day to less than 50!!) than I promise to be faithful to the few who take the time to visit my blog.  However, it may be a spiritual battle and I would appreciate your prayers.

FYI-  I have been advised to purchase yet another domain.  It will serve as my daily article posting but have additional information, including how to purchase  my soon to be published book (and list other books in the works).  The new domain will be called:       facingtrials.com

facingtrials.com will be linked to my weepingintodancing.com blog site.  I will use the weepingintodancing.com site as a weekly more personal journal.  I also have a twitter account you might want to check out or share with friends.  It is new but will be growing in the next few months.    https://twitter.com/CherylZ1961



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9 thoughts on “Blog Transfer Did Not Go Well

  1. I follow by email, so when the mail comes and I click the link I come to the new sight automatically. So I guess it’s working fine on my end…. Hope it gets squared away soon.

  2. I’ll search you out wherever you are!
    Blessings! 🙂

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Ms Sandra,
      You are so sweet!! I got some information that might be helpful from another reader. They said they follow weeping into dancing via email. Do you?

      I have 47 readers who follow via email and 209 who follow my posts via WordPress.com

      Did you have trouble finding my blog and are you notified via email or WordPress? Any information would be appreciated. I want to get things fixed ASAP. Blessings to you too!!

  3. Hi Cheryl,,,although its says on my Reader I follow your blog (i have both, the old and new) the new one doesn’t show up yet on my reader with the other blogs 🙁

    Probably many people have the same issue. I know your address so I will follow no matter what. But yes, it needs to be Fixed because you have paid for it!

  4. Paula McMullan on said:

    Two weeks ago, I looked for your blog but it was not there and the redirect did not work. Now, however, it is working for me.

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Thank you for the information. WordPress is still trying to figure out the problem. I am so happy you did find me. Please let anyone else who has “lost their way” to my redirect know. Blessings!!

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