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Please Help With A Book Cover

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Dear Readers,

I have a book that needs to be sent off to a publisher by the end of this month.  They will created a book cover for me but I wanted to send them some ideas.  I would love for you to rate your top three picks and tell me why you like them.

The title of the book (so far) is  “FACING TRIALS:  THOUGHTS FOR MEDITATION”

I want the cover to appeal to men and women and catch the reader’s attention immediately.  I also want it to relate to the title and book content.  I appreciate your help with this matter.


Proverbs 11:14 (ESV)

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

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22 thoughts on “Please Help With A Book Cover

  1. i like the tree of life cover

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    The one that stands out to me the most is number four. Then number two. Wish you the best! Can’t wait to see the final cover 🙂

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Hi Ms Kelly,
      Thanks for the input and comment. I like #4 too. I will discuss my top three with the publisher. It has to catch their attention right away.

  3. I love the second to the last picture, I always prefer pictures anyway! I’m glad you’re much better, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather too but still manage to blog and read posts! 🙂
    Shalom. 🙂

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Hi Ms Sandra,
      Thanks for your input and sorry you are sick. I am JUST getting over it, after 6 days. UGH!! I am going to send my top 3 to the publisher and see what they have to say. I have publishers down to two. One is Bow West, a branch of Thomas Nelson. The other is Create Space, owned by Amazon.com. Both have pros and cons.

      With create Space I should get more royalties but there international is more limited than Bow West. However, I read this comment from Bow West and was encouraged. Should I take a cut in royalties if there is a possibility I get noticed by Thomas Nelson? I am new at this and I have been convicted to seek the counsel of others. I don’t need to fly it alone!! I shouldn’t!!

      West Bow
      “We want to find the new voices for tomorrow. Publishers aren’t omniscient. We miss numerous opportunities every year. Finding the next bestseller is like searching for a needle in a haystack. WestBow Press provides us with a kind of “farm team.” We intend to watch the sales of these titles carefully. We will offer traditional publishing contracts to those authors whose self-published books begin to gain traction.”

      • Hi Cheryl,
        I browsed through WestBow Press and read through some of the testimonials of authors who used them, I’m not convinced they are the best but it depends on the package they’re offering. They seemed more expensive than Createspace and their overall output is almost at par.

        I think you should investigate further and compare both publishers (or printers as the case may be) but if you’ve made up your mind, then God be with you.
        I feel much better today!
        Shalom! 🙂
        Seyi Sandra David

      • cherylz1961 on said:

        Hello Ms Sandra,
        Thank you for checking into things. I think I would get a greater amount of $$ back with Create Space. It is owned by AMazon. There is an in-house step that gives the writer more money for each book.

        However, if Thomas Nelson/West Bow are looking at authors who have successful books and could offer a book deal, I wonder if I should go with them. Right now it isn’t about money. It is about getting noticed.
        I will continue to as God to advise me and direct my steps.

        I am glad you feel better today. Have a glass of grapefruit juice on me!

  4. I like the first one the best. It seems hopeful, somehow…

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Thanks for the input Ms Genevieve! This is going to be such a hard decision as I like all the the graphics I posted. I am leaning towards one, but I don’t want to say anything…. yet. I don’t want my vote to sway anyone. My reader’s opinion is important to me.

  5. First off, I am an amateur photographer myself, so I prefer the photographs of the choice you have given. My absolute best would be the pic with the person in the distance.

    Secondly, congratulations on getting a book deal and getting your book published! I wish you the best of success and hope it kickstarts a long career for you. I am a writer myself incidentally and am just putting the finishing touch to two books, hopefully of a series of four I hope eventually to write, and am studying how to go about getting them published. Perhaps you could relay in one your future posts. for us aspiring would-be published authors, how you went about going through the process of getting published, and all the little details and hints and the like. Be nice to read anyway.

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Hi Mr Childs,
      I decided to with the self publishing process. I have Create Space AND Bow West (an branch of Thomas Nelson) on my top two list. I am praying about who to work with and will call both companies again, before I make a final decision. I will try to write down the steps I took and post them in the future. I am by no means and expert and will probably make mistakes along the way. My cousin sent me this link. You might want to take a look at it in your free time.

  6. Thanks for the link Cheryl. I am going to look it right now.

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    I am so busy but trying to read your posts. Well I am a graphic designer, so here is my opinion: I like the 2 last images, I feel they convey a feeling or sentiment that will be tied with the Title of your book. Also, take into account that images have property rights, so just make sure you can really use (for commerical purposes) the image you choose!
    Some websites provide free images, make sure they are high resolution images because for anything that prints it needs to be high resolution or it will not work or have poor quality and you need the best!!!
    If I can give a hand, let me know (I can check that ur image is in fact high or low resolution). I wish I had time to help you more,,,,with ideas, images, etc…but I am still trying to finish my duties that have been part of my personal storm. I try to focus on my blessings every day!!!

    I am very happy for you, for your hard work!! 🙂

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Hi Ms Sands,
      I have posted my top three picks on my personal FB page to get feedback as well. I am happy to say that the two you mentioned are my favorites. I like the tree of life on the brown paper as I think it would appeal to men and women (and look great with an old world look of paper from that age). The first tree is pretty but too busy. I like the photo (I got it from Create Space) but worry the person is too small.My FB friends liked the photo #1 and my favorite tree #2.

      I am going with Create Space or Bow West, a branch from Thomas Nelson. They provide a personalized/customized book cover. I want to send them my top three graphic choices and get their feedback. We won’t use these, just get inspired by them for an original cover. I think the Tree of Life has an interesting shape and is more hopeful than the photograph, since through a trial there is still the promise of life and new growth.

      I have taken some cool cloud photos and that is a great idea. I don’t know why I am so bent on the brown tree of life but for now, that is how I am leaning.

      I so appreciate your offer to help with the graphics. I am still selecting them.
      Is it better to select JPG or PSD? I am using just black and white graphics as it is more expensive to print the color graphics. It is a challenge to find free, copyright safe, black and white, interesting grpahics that will fit the topic I am writing about but I am finding them…. slowly.

      What do you think of CreationSwap (http://www.creationswap.com/gallery/free/78) and
      Christian.com http://www.google.com/search?q=christian.com,+free+wallpaper&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=EG5eUZemKuffyQG7oICoCA&ved=0CC0QsAQ&biw=1008&bih=630

      I have selected some graphics from both sites.

      I am glad you are hanging in there, even when you are so busy. I wish you many blessings and that your hope keeps you taking that next step forward with Christ. Hugs, Cheryl

      • Hi Cheryl!!!
        This is the first time I’ve heard of Creation Swap, and I think it seems great. By quickly judging they seem to have great images that are free. Between a JPEG and PSD, the PSD file is your best bet to always have a quality file to use over time. The PSD file is the one you will save. That PSD file will become a JPEG after improving whatever u want or add to that image. If you have Photoshop and know how to use it, download the PSD and then make the final JPEG or a PDF.

        If anything ask me, I’ll try to help in a way I can.

        I’m so happy for you,

        thanks, and many blessings,


      • cherylz1961 on said:

        Hey Ms. Sandra!
        I am glad Creation Swap meets with your approval. Unfortunately, I did not know the purpose of both JPEG and PSD so I just saved the JPEG. DARN!! I hope I don’t have to go back and find the 10-13 graphics missing that part. Hmmmm, what to do…. what to do!

        I am about to post an article and then won’t have time until Sunday or Monday as I am going to a retreat. Cynthia Heald (Woman of Purpose/Excellence) is the guest speaker. I am soooo excited. Have a great week-end dearie.

  8. How about an image of the sky???
    I have taken in the past photos of the sky, with clouds, and this can be another idea for your book. If you have a camera you can do it yourself and have a good enough quality of image to print.

    This is just an idea,,,I love photography.

  9. Don’t worry Cheryl! Use the JPEG as long as it is a High resolution it will be fine!

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