Overcoming Difficult Trials

Scars In The Service Of God


We are called to comfort others with the comfort we have been shown by God our Father.  This may mean sharing your sorrows and hidden scars with another person who is in pain.  We relate to and find comfort in others who have experienced similar sufferings as ours.  If we hide our experiences and neglect to share them, we will never know the blessed opportunities God placed before us to serve.

Does a low self-esteem or pride keep you from opening up to others?  Are you shy and unsure of yourself?  All things are possible with God, and when we are weak or afraid God will be our strength.  Remember how God provided Aaron for Moses, who was insecure about his speech and stuttering?  If you are called to do something or say something, step out in faith. You won’t be sorry and you will certainly be blessed in the end. 

Trust that God will enable the Holy Spirit inside of you to speak on your behalf.  It is by His might and power that you will be able to encourage and help others.  What an honor it is to be the pencil in the hand of God.  He is The Author Of Life. 

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7 thoughts on “Scars In The Service Of God

  1. I couldn’t stop reading until the very end. I felt your words speaking to me as I try to accept who I am. That I am not stupid and that I am a child of God. Thank you Cheryl

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Ms Terry,
      Above all else, we must remember how much God loves us. When this concept is always in our mind, any trial sent to us will be known as a test of love. God wants to prune us so we can be of greater use to Him. He was not cruel in sending me through a brain tumor trial. He was building me up with that trial so I would be equipped for His plan for me.

      God is using your struggle with Al to bless others. You may not know who you are helping but you are helping.

  2. What a great blog…I have a scar on my face that is invisible to many and yet I still try to hide it. It often causes me to be shy and self conscious and yet when I mention it to people, they say they barely notice and act surprise. I hope to use this in my ministry to show people that scars or ashes can lead to beauty.

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Hi Ms Anncole,
      I am so pleased that my post spoke to your heart. I pray that you have many opportunities to share Christ with others and that your scars are open doors to your ministry. Blessings! Cheryl

      • Thank you. I believe God has a purpose for our lives and how we are in life. My husband (who has his own story of faith with diabetes) told me on our first date that it’s not the cards that are dealt you but how you handle them that matter.

      • cherylz1961 on said:

        Ms Anncole,
        Your husband is wise. I am learning this truth now, at the age of 51. Better late than never, right?? I like the
        old saying… When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I am trying to keep a positive outlook on things and my hope is that I can encourage others to do the same. Blessings to you. Cheryl

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