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Odd Couple

Dear One,

Did you LOL?  I love it when a dog smiles! Their unconditional love and absolute acceptance is so encouraging and heart warming.

We really should stop using our eyes to judge people. This chick and dog are an odd couple but then, I have a few friends who make me half of an odd couple too!

I really do believe that God sends us friends. He knows the best people to send our way and places them in our path.  Then He leaves it up to us to make a connection.

Our Lord looks at the inner spirit of a person and does not judge our outer appearance! Spiritual eyes should be used when meeting people and deciding if they could be a friend. Too many times we are quick to make a decision about possible relationships.

Think about Jesus and His twelve Apostles. 

The Apostles of Christ were the foundation stones of His church. Revelation 21:14 speaks of the twelve foundations of the wall of the New Jerusalem as having in them the names of the twelve Apostles. These men were important to Jesus. However, what a mix our Savior had in friends and followers. They included……

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