Overcoming Difficult Trials

Put On The Armor of God!

Devilish Cunning

Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret—it only causes harm.” Psalm 37:8 (NKJV)

My old enemy “Worry “ reappeared right after my brain surgery in July of 2011. She showed up in ICU and was relentless. She followed me out the hospital doors and skipped right into my parent’s home, where I stayed for over a month. Then, seeing how I was improving and ready to move into an assisted living facility, She packed her bags and followed me right into my apartment. She would not leave me alone!!  Finally, we had a huge fight in the presence of God.  Thank goodness His angels were right beside me.

Worry posed a lot of questions during that fight and really challenged my faith, causing me to doubt my Savior’s love.

“Will your eyesight ever return and be restored? You know you can’t even read the labels on your medicine bottles” “Are you going to live in this assisted living facility for the rest of your life?” “Do you really think you can once again work and support your family?” “Are you thinking that an independent life is attainable?” “Is your brain building new synapses and will your speech and memory improve?” “Do you really have to leave your home in Oregon and move to Colorado? “

Then the horrible WHY’S arrived….

“Why did I have a brain tumor?” “Why did I have to deal with a unkind nurse and her supervisor only three days after brain surgery?”
 “Why couldn’t I keep my Bubba? “ (100 lb. Golden Lab) “Why did the pieces of my life have to crumble to dust?” “Why didn’t God let me die?”

Finally, the ACCUSER showed up to help Worry.  They both ….

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