Overcoming Difficult Trials

Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through the Book of Job

Dear One,

The second book I wrote is a devotional called Facing Trials: Thoughts for Meditation. It is now available for purchase on West Bow Press and Amazon. However, the very first book I wrote is a Bible Study. It took much longer to revise (even though the content was written in just five days). Only now  have I sent it off to the publishing company. Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through The Book of Job should be available  on Amazon by the end of February or in early March.

I am considering several book covers and I would love to hear your input. I want the cover to impart a feeling of being uprooted and the promise of a new start. Please let me know your top three picks. I want the book cover to give a potential reader some kind of reaction…. enough of a reaction to pick it up and look at the Table of Contents. I tell of my struggle with clinical depression and  brain surgery, aligning the lessons in Job to my personal trial. It is a 10 chapter study and one I believe the Holy Spirit will use to encourage and inspire many others.

Please shoot me a comment and list your top three favorites. (Ex #4, #2, #1)  THANKS!!

Tree/Rose #1, Single Tree in Ground #2, Man w/Roots #3, Winged Tree Uprooted #4, Robed Man Holding Tree #5, Hands Hold Tree in Blue Mist #6

Rose:Tree:BirdsJob TreeMan TreeUprooted Winged TreeJesus Holding Tree TS


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2 thoughts on “Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through the Book of Job

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Interesting post, I thought Facing Trials was your 1st book. This is great news, congratulations in advanced for your new book! Regarding the covers, I like
    #2 -Single Tree in Ground.
    I feel #1, is more stronger and can have a bigger reaction maybe because of the contrast of the darkness and the rose coming from the ground. But I like #2 because to me it gives a more hopeful/positive feeling.
    I know you will choose wisely!!

    • cherylz1961 on said:

      Thanks Sandra! I hope you had a great New Year. I am feeling very hopeful and positive about 2014. I got a lot of good feedback on my Book Talk in Tucson, and I start a new and better paying job on Jan. 9th. I hope your schooling is going as planned and that your art work (photos) continue to bless many. Hugs!! Cheryl

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