Overcoming Difficult Trials

Recent Book Review On Amazon: 5 Stars!

*Divine Interuptions take 2

Be sure to check out my newest book review on Amazon. It’s for DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS: A BIBLE STUDY THROUGH THE BOOK OF JOB

“Divine Interruptions is a wonderfully crafted study through the book of Job and based on the author’s own personal life experiences. Cheryl Zelenka has done an excellent job in the writing of this book and the result is a Bible study that is both thought provoking and painfully honest as she takes us step by step through her trials, diagnosis, surgery, recovery….and rebirth! I really like the format and layout of the book which breaks the book of Job down into bite-size nuggets that makes it easy for you to read and digest. There are ten chapters with five days of studies for each one….this makes it easy to pick back up if you get “divinely interrupted” during your study. I also like the use of other scriptures throughout the book to support and enhance your understanding of the triumph you can have over trials and suffering in your own life. The study guide is a great tool and gives you ample space to answer the questions in each section as well as put down your own thoughts and feelings as you work through the book. I would highly recommend Divine Interruptions for anyone who is searching for either a personal or small group Bible study. Great job, Cheryl!!!!”


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