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New Book: Belly Up In The Koi Pond

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Hello Friends,

I continue to write devotions but writing fiction has become a new hobby. My second book in the Sadie Sunshine Cozy Mystery Series is now available on Amazon. I’m sure you will enjoy Belly Up In The Koi Pond.

Please check it out if you like clean and fun mysteries. It’s a quick read filled with budding romance, humor, and suspense.


Sadie Sunshine is off to Portland with her friends Detective Dora Flores and Lilly Pierce. Their plan to enjoy a long weekend at the annual Yard, Garden, and Patio show, along with some gourmet dinners, suddenly goes belly up. On opening day a body is discovered in the Koi pond exhibit which was the ladies’ first stop of the day. Sadie dives into the investigation as suspects come to light.

Book two of the Sadie Sunshine series reveals Sadie’s unusual phobia, Ichthyophobia. Two love interests spice up her life and an eating contest will leave readers in stitches. Ms. Zelenka cleverly weaves colorful suspects, with deep hidden motives, into a complicated web of mystery and suspense.

Facing Adversity: Thoughts of Wisdom, Praise, & Promise

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The last book of my devotion trilogy, Facing Adversity: Thoughts of Wisdom, Praise, & Promise, is now available on Amazon. Here is an excerpt from a devotion titled SUFFERING UNITES US ALL


“God has a plan and a purpose for everyone. Nobody is insignificant. We are, after all, created in the very image of God. This includes the homeless person living in a cardboard box and the abused child in a home of neglect. We all have a part to play in God’s divine design, and sharing in the sufferings of Christ is part of His game plan.

Suffering is an effective tool God uses to refine our spiritual character. Adversity is permitted, or sent, as a loving gift from heaven above. Perspective is critical here. God gives good gifts therefore trials are beneficial.

So how can our painful moments be of any use? How can something hurtful, shameful, or grievous actually be a blessing? Do not trials teach us valuable lessons? Do we not gain insight, knowledge and wisdom as we muddle through our adversity? Is this not something we can share with others? Healing and lessons of perseverance are not only a witness of God’s grace but also an encouragement to others.

The process of sanctification chips away self-reliance and causes even the most prideful of mankind to cry out for help, help that only God can provide. Learning to depend on the Father is a major lesson in our spiritual walk. When we trust Him with all things and remain peaceful in the midst of an uncertain fate, faith has carried us. Others will notice our manner and desire the same inner peace we exude. Life style witnessing is a powerful tool and useful in the work of the Great Commission.

Suffering unites us all. Each person has experienced pain. Therefore, we can compassionately connect with others through this common bond. No race, creed, social status or level of education can escape the reality of suffering. Because of this fact we have an open door, a first step in sharing the Good News. We can build relationships in many different ways and there is a fellowship of suffering, with Christ Jesus and with others.

Here then is the great blessing found in adversity. Because of the pain you endured, thanks to the grace of God, you are now equipped to encourage and bless others. Your victory over tribulation will give them hope.”

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